Nintendo Points the Way to E3 with Trademarks 'Wii Fit Plus' and 'Art Academy'

What is Nintendo up to for E3? With the new DSi out and Wii MotionPlus coming out, it looks like a year for software. And these two new trademarks may reveal their announcements early.

'Wii Fit Plus' sounds obvious enough to us. A sequel or expansion for Wii Fit, we'd love a bigger balance board to support normal pushups...but chances are that this hardware is too profitable to be pulled from standardization. OK, what about some sort of Riiflex dumbbell accessory? Hell, throw a few sweat bands in there and Jason Chen will still play an hour a day. Whatever Nintendo does, that's the game's real logo. And November retailer availability floated around in a rumor from last month.


"Art Academy" brings up fond memories of Mario Paint, with the slightest overtones of Brain Age knockoff Big Brain Academy. Wii MotionPlus' 1:1 motion tracking combined with the Wiimote's IR could make for a neat painting game. But you know Nintendo, they'll just need to stick a white plastic easel and beret in the box. [Siliconera via Joystiq]

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