They subsequently sent out another round of emails, apologizing to everybody for the mishap and assuring them that their accounts were secure.

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Screenshot: Lucas Ropek/Acorn

However, spamming everybody wasn’t the company’s only problem on Friday. People appear to be having legitimate trouble logging into their accounts. Around the same time that the “unusual activity” emails went out, Downdetector reported that the Acorns platform was having trouble.


In a tweet to one user, the platform attributed these issues to “high volumes” of user activity: “Separately, due to high volumes, all customers may have trouble logging in. We are working diligently to get things back to normal.”

Suffice it to say, that hasn’t really calmed people down, and a lot of them are pissed. “Hey @acorns what’s going on with the locked email? The number provided does not work and your app isn’t working either now,” tweeted one user. “damn. somebody at acorns gettin fired rip,” said another. Another person merely offered: “Acorn fuckin up.”


We reached out to Acorns, to try to get more details about the episode but we haven’t heard back yet. We will update this post when they respond.


UPDATE Saturday, August 21, 2021. An Acorns representative ultimately forwarded us the following statement in response to the incident: “Many of our customers received an email that we sent out in error Friday afternoon. All Acorns accounts are secure and are not locked.”

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