Nokia N900 U.S. Preorders Are Go: $650 No Contract

Illustration for article titled Nokia N900 U.S. Preorders Are Go: $650 No Contract

The N900 is up for preorder, and Nokia is throwing in its BH-703 Bluetooth headset to sweeten the deal. That's beats €500 ($710) in Europe. The N900 packs some hot specs, but remember it needs T-Mobile's network for 3G. [Nokia]


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Why can't this come to AT&T? Is it just me or does it seem like AT&T doesn't have any really cool high-end phones except the iPhone? Sprint's got the Palm Pre, the HTC Hero, and the upcoming Touch Pro2 Diamond2. T-Mobile's got this awesome Nokia phone, the Google phones, and the upcoming Sony Ericsson CS8. I don't really care about Verizon, but what does AT&T have? The iPhone 3GS and some good phones ruined with WM6.1. I'm crossing my fingers that Nokia will announce a AT&T version of this phone! Please!!!