Nokia's $30 Tag Could Mean You Never Lose Your Keys Again

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Forgetful types rejoice: Nokia has just announced a new Treasure Tag, which uses Bluetooth and NFC to try and help you keep track of your possessions.

First rumored last July, the neat little colored tag pairs with a Lumia Windows Phone and acts as a sensor to help you locate whatever it's attached to. So, as the press image shows, that could be keys, a bag, or even a bicycle. Though hopefully most of us can actually keep track of bicycles, at least around the home.


It uses Bluetooth and NFC to communicate location to the phone, which is then displayed on a map. And that's where the bicycle idea starts sounding a little less dumb: you could keep track of its status, say, while you work or drink beer and it's locked outside in the cold. A nice touch is that pressing a key on the tag itself will help you locate your phone, too—though lose both and you're still, obviously, screwed.

According to Nokia the tags will have a battery life of around six months, and you can replace it when it runs down. Available in jazzy Lumia colors—cyan, yellow, white, and black—there will also apparently be some third-party apps available so Android and iOS can take advantage too. They start shipping in April for around $30. [Nokia via Verge]

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They would be great locaters, if the distance wasn't too far. That's their Achilles heel I'm afraid. I guess if you can get within Bluetooth range everything will be good to go. I will buy some if they make them for my I phone.