Nokia's New Mapping Service Is Coming to iOS and Android

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We just introduced you to Here, Nokia's insanely fast new mapping service for the desktop and mobile browser, but it's also coming to Android and iOS in a few weeks.


It's going straight to the App Store where it'll be a free download for iOS. But for Android, Nokia is just releasing a toolkit for developers. But even before we've seen the actual app, we've found Here to work pretty well in the mobile browser so far, though it lagged a bit in Chrome on Android and in IE on Windows Phone. Here seems like a pretty slick product, and it's definitely better than Apple Maps, if even for its transit directions. Also, as these things work, the more people that use Here, the better it gets. Finally those of us stuck in Apple Maps purgatory have at least some imminent relief. [New York Times]



It's nice to have options. Maps has been updated about 200 times since you last looked at it and is my primary mapping solution again. (went back to tom tom for a while)

Also, why would you use google maps subway directions, ever? A dedicated subway app for your city will give you count down timers, specific subway maps, weekend rules, etc. Google now tells you the very_next_train. How is that useful?

Do you guys think this stuff through?