Nokia's Sales Are "Clearly Disappointing" According to, Erm, Nokia

Thought the situation at Nokia was dire already? They've just reported their first quarterly loss in 18 months, recording $521m loss, compared to the $322m profit they made in the same period last year.

Sales of phones dropped 20 per cent to 88.5 million devices in the last quarter, which can partly be attributed to the fact that everyone and his dog knows Nokia has bigger and better products on the way in the form of Windows Phone 7 devices. But had Nokia soldiered on with Symbian and Meego, I wonder if the situation would be any different? [Nokia and Bloomberg]

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I suspect their complete lack of new high endhandsets in the United States played some role.

While their dumb-phone share is solid, the real profit drivers are probably smart phones of which they sold essentially zero in the United States