Nooka Zirc Watch: Coming Soon (to Kanye's House)

Illustration for article titled Nooka Zirc Watch: Coming Soon (to Kanyes House)

Who doesn't love an artistically offbeat way of telling time—and telling your friends exactly how cool you are? Zirc is the first new watch from Nooka since 2005. Its elongated rectangular frame is meant to be worn up the arm a bit, held by a metal mesh or colored band. Nooka replaced the old rectangular hour-counting dot array with a circular one, perhaps because it's better for a quick check of the time. (Is Nooka saying that radical designs might stray too far from practicality?) Kanye apparently loves the Nooka line, so our guess is that when the $350 watch comes available in December, Mr. West gets a review sample before we do. [Nooka press release]


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Huell Howitzer

@JJ910: Because watches are fashion, not function. You are the type that gets a plastic digital watch like a g-shock. This watch is for people who want to wear a little piece of design on their wrist like me. I have Matthew's first design (before he went independent with Nooka) that he did for Seiko, it gets a lot of comments but I did miss a flight wearing it once so I never travel with it.