There are few things more annoying than bringing an umbrella with you when you don't need it. Never make that mistake again—Nooly will give you accurate, super-local forecasts for your exact neighborhood.

What does it do?

It gives you the most localized weather report possible, by telling you exactly where and when it will rain, and how the weather will change throughout the day and how it might vary in different areas.


Why do we like it?

Is it pouring on the Upper East Side but dry in SoHo? And will the rain stop by the time you make it downtown? Consult the app to get precise forecasts down to the very street you live on. That way you're prepared for the weather, leaving that slicker at home if you don't need it, and not getting caught in a downpour unprepared. [TechCrunch]



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The Best:

Forecasts down to the minute

The Worst:

App is still in beta