Not a Joke: New Dating Site Matches You Based On Your Klout Score

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Finally! A dating site to match awful self-promoting know-it-alls to one another. Tawkify, the latest online romance-finding tool puts people together based on their Klout scores.


Yes, that's right. It pairs the lovelorn together using a number that measures their online influence. If that doesn't sound like the worst way to find a mate, well, maybe Tawkify is a good solution for you. After answering 10 questions and submitting a photo, candidates are interviewed over the phone, then set up on a date. Imagine being the server for that table.

Co-founded by Elle Magazine columnist E. Jean Carroll, the site uses the influence indicator to play virtual Yenta because "you can't lie about your Klout score." Right. At least you'd go into the date knowing that both parties involved are totally self-involved assholes.

Carroll explains:

We've found that Klout Scores are an authentic measurement of sophistication, wit, cultural savvy, and appeal—a much truer and more trustworthy measurement than the typical on-line (sic) dating site bull-hockey-factors of height weight, and income.

And who cares about values? Or morals? Or life goals?

We recently used a Twitter campaign to manipulate Klout into making our Kyle Wagner the most influential mom on the Internet, so maybe Tawkify can hook the newly-crowned top matriarch of the web with his very own MILF. And at the very least, it could help filter some of the clowns out of OKCupid. [AllThingsD]



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