Not Even a Baby Elephant Made of Pure Light Can Cheer Up This Good Place Season 4 First Look

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Sorry, what was that about JFK again?
Sorry, what was that about JFK again?
Image: NBC

It’s time to get teary-eyed, motherforkers. The end of The Good Place is nigh.

Ahead of the show’s impending return later this month, NBC has just released a new “first look” at the fourth and final season of The Good Place. It’s more of a behind-the-scenes featurette than it is a full trailer. although it does give us this delightful, glowing truth teller of a pachyderm, a concoction made by Janet on Eleanor’s instruction. It’s also naturally a recap of the most recent goings on in The Good Place, so, if you’ve not caught up yet, a) what the shirt are you doing, and b) go do that, because there are spoilers here.

But light elephants with dark truths about Shirley Temple aside, this first look is mainly about how verklempt the cast is that it’s time to say goodbye to The Good Place once and for all. Shot while the very last episode of the series was being filmed, it is, in true Good Place fashion, endearingly earnest, incredibly emotional, and yet still capable of making us chuckle through the tears.

Come to well up at the thought of Manny Jacinto taking retro camera snaps so he can remember the journey a decade from now, stay for Jameela Jamil jokingly apologizing on Ted Danson’s behalf if her first job in acting has been bad (it absolutely hasn’t, so neither she nor Ted Danson should worry, but the thought counts!).

The Good Place returns for a final hurrah, and a few fork-bombs, starting September 26.