It's not my beat at all, and I never went to any Free Tibet concerts for either the hipness or the music or the politics, but this BS that China is pulling over Tibet is starting to bother me. Now there's this strange tale of Tibetans rioting with zero backlash from the Chinese, and I'm getting an even worse feeling. It could be a PR move, but maybe they're just taking their time to roll in some tanks and the lull is a feint.

I'm not sure what I can do to change a goddamn thing — maybe some of you can help me figure that out — but as a purveyor and filter of consumer crap, I'll own up to my piece of the protest and make the simple declaration that I'm going to avoid buying any electronics made in China for the foreseeable future. (READ: PRETTY MUCH ALL.) I've been getting my updates via the NYTimes and Boingboing, FWIW.


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