Now Is a Bad Time to Buy a Used Xbox 360

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You know those Xboxes that were banned last week because they were modified to play pirated games? They're being dumped onto eBay and Craigslist by their owners, and they won't all tell you that those consoles are banned from Live.


So our recommendation is that if you really can't spare the money to buy a new Xbox—which you should really do, since the failure rate still isn't that low—is to make sure you ask the seller whether or not it's been banned from Live. If you're buying it in person, off of Craigslist, make sure you have them plug it in and show you that it can. If you're buying it on eBay, well, you'll just have to take their word. Just be careful, because Microsoft has no pity on you for buying a used Xbox that's been banned. [PCWorld]


Broken Machine

Buying a used 360 is never a wise idea - that warranty may be needed. I've upgraded from my launch day units to HDMI units a few years ago, sold my launch units for about $100 a piece less than a new unit, and my warranty clock was reset.

Now, apparently, I'm the only person to never have a true RROD, and still warranty three units (power failure during firmware upgrade, lightning friend one completely, took out the ethernet on the other). I would be out a ton of money if MS's warranty was not as good as it is. #usedxbox360