Now It's Apple Who's Interested in Buying Hulu?

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Hulu is now the trollop of the tech world with a long line of suitors wanting to wine and dine it. First it was Yahoo!, then Microsoft and Google. Now Apple supposedly wants some quality time with the video service.

Why would Apple buy Hulu? Why not. iTunes already has millions of users with credit cards on file. Apple could easily serve up this content to hundreds of millions iPhone, iPad and Apple TV owners.


And Apple has the cash to take such a risk. If Hulu flops, then Apple won't have a "record-breaking" quarter and the world will move on.

Truthfully, I don't care who buys Hulu as long as they dump those annoying ads. If Apple's going to be that ad buster, then more power to them. [Bloomberg]

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Anybody but Apple!! I don't want to get charged 99 cents per episode. I like my $7.99 per month thank you very much.