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In an eerie real life version of Max Brooks' World War Z, China announced it was quarantining a town of 30,000 people after a "Bubonic Plague" outbreak. That doesn't fool us, what zombie apocalypse plans will you be activating now?


Rightfully considered the best book ever written on subject, World War Z begins with a recounting of a mysterious disease outbreak in rural China, perhaps related to the flooding of the Yangtze River Valley. The Chinese government disguises it as an outbreak of plague and fails to warn the rest of the world of the potential consequences. By the time the public learns of the zombie threat, it's too late to make preparations and much of the world population is wiped out.

Us? Well I'm currently ensconced in a cave on a remote island off California's coast, posting via cell data that occasionally drifts our way from the mainland when the wind is right. Don't even think about joining us, I've got Wiley's hydration pack loaded with Red Bull and I'll open its valve if any of you even think about setting foot on shore. The ensuing chaos will surely destroy any who try.

Tell us about your plan and show us your zombie apocalypse preps.

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