Now You Can Obsess About the State of Your Garage Door from Anywhere on the Planet

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You're already 20 minutes late for work and you're panicking, only remembering the coffee on your roof as you pull out of the driveway. Two blocks later, it hits you—Did I remember to close the garage? This new garage door opener lets you check without circling back.

The AssureLink Garage Door Opener by Craftsman works like a normal garage door opener, using either a chain or belt driven system. The difference is that you can monitor and control the door from virtually any device with an internet connection. After installing the opener itself, you connect the AssureLink Gateway to your router, register and activate an AssureLink account (which costs $20/year after the honeymoon year—hey, obsession's costly), and download the control app to your device. You'll then be able to check the Up or Down status of the door and activate it remotely if the mood strikes.

To prevent tomfoolery and accidental crushings, the system is also equipped with lights and an audible warning whenever the door is closed remotely, as well as IR and contact sensors that automatically lift the door if triggered.


The chain-driven version will retail for $290 and the belt-driven will go for $330 when they're released later this Fall. My only question is, what happens when you pocket dial you garage door? [Craftsman]

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