Now Your Amazon Fire TV Can Stream Games, Too

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Ever heard of GameFly? It’s what Netflix used to be, but for video games: mail-order disc rentals for Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo titles. It’s neat, but slow. Today, the company launched something a little faster: GameFly Streaming, a cloud gaming service for the Amazon Fire TV.


Like Nvidia’s Grid or Sony’s PlayStation Now, GameFly’s new service pipes high-end graphics to your TV from remote servers—but the selection is pretty bare. Right now, GameFly only offers 35 games to stream, and they’re all bundled into genre-specific subscription packages that go for $7 to $10 a month. Want to play Lego Batman and Batman: Arkham City? You’ll have to buy two separate subscription packages to get them both.


The service seems to be off to a rocky start: Ars Technica gave it a quick test and reported enough lag and visual artifacting to dismiss it right away. Bummer. At least GameFly says the service will eventually be available on more devices, something that can’t be said for Nvidia’s Shield-exclusive Grid streaming service. It may actually based on the same technology, though: it’s powered by Playcast, a company that GameFly recently purchased, which uses Nvidia Grid servers to stream its games from the cloud.

The GameFly Streaming app is available now on the Amazon Appstore. If you’ve got a Fire TV, check it out—the first ten minutes of game streaming are free.

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Sounds like a great idea. I hope they perfect it