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If you’re working for the National Security Agency, watching hours of hardcore porno can be just another day at work. So much so, there’s even a special porn room in which to protect national security, where agents look past boobs for clues in the glut of smut.


NSA agents analyze the pornography that terrorists and suspected radicals watch, since embedding hidden, encrypted messages in porn clips is a known tactic.

Documents publicized by Edward Snowden made it clear that the NSA has been monitoring porn habits in some capacity. And the volume of sexually explicit material is so high that officials say there’s a special room for it:

It’s mostly porn,” a former intelligence officer who worked on counterterrorism operations, told The Daily Beast. At the headquarters of the NSA in Ft. Meade, Md., another former intelligence officer said, there is a closed room set aside for watching porno clips.


If this sounds like a job perk, it shouldn’t. It’s one of the reasons why the NSA deploys counselors to help agents deal with their exposure to traumatizing material. Watching porn isn’t so enjoyable when it’s porn with children in it, as a former official pointed out to the Daily Beast.

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