Nutella Makes For a Deliciously Excellent Firestarter

Nutella is good on toast, with ice cream, or eaten by the spoonful while gently sobbing. But as it turns out, add a dash of potassium permanganate and a little heat, and you have yourself a good little fire.


The mixture of potassium permanganate and Nutella (about 1:4) gives a sticky, slow-burning reaction that would make for a genuinely useful firestarter. It’s the same reaction as the more classic potassium permanganate and icing sugar, only slower.

Before you cry foul about who would be carrying these things while camping: potassium permanganate can also serve as a disinfectant and sterilization tool, while Nutella is delicious, not to mention great for unexpected emergencies.



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I’ll just call up this guy instead.