Nvidia's Tegra 2 Obliterates The Competition In Speed Test

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That Toshiba AC100 Android-powered netbook may not be the most desirable combination of hardware and software out there, but it already has one big plus point—it's Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset destroys anything else in terms of raw speed.


A speed test using Android benchmarking tool Quadrant carried out by a reviewer at Carrypad shows how far the Tegra 2 is ahead of the competition, soundly thrashing the Nexus One by a huge margin. It's interesting to note that the AC100 is running Android 2.1 beneath Toshiba's skin, so the machine isn't even using the JIT speed enhancements that came with Android 2.2—meaning there's more to come. [Carrypad via SlashGear]


Oh does it now?! This is a Samsung Galaxy S with the lag fix.

Of course, let me save you your saliva... the Galaxy S obtains these scores by boosting the IO through a kind of cheating. This makes the whole score go up when in fact it's just the IO pushing it up.

To have conclusive results, you'd need to get Quadrant Pro that breaks down the score into the various sub-systems.

The image broke for some reason, here it is: [img828.imageshack.us]