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Oasis and Jamiroquai Mulling Radiohead's Pay-What-You-Want Example

Illustration for article titled Oasis and Jamiroquai Mulling Radioheads Pay-What-You-Want Example

Oasis and Jamiroquai are heavily considering jumping aboard the direct-to-audience express, planning to distribute their albums in a pay-what-you-will manner from their website, a la Radiohead. With the bands continuing to line up, do you guys think this is really the beginning of the end for the old way of doing business? Or just a small-scale rebellion that will ultimately peter out? [The Telegraph via CrunchGear, Flickr]


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Whoever has the money has the power of influence. This Radiohead experience sure is cool to pay what you want, but I want to choose to pay for an album worth paying for!

Not that Radiohead can't be good, they just haven't been good since they put Mario's music in the background with tweaking transistors. For now this is a gimmick, but if a truly revolutionary album comes out in this format (ie "Ten", "Nevermind", "The White Album", "Paranoid", or "Rage Against the Machine") then we'll talk about a true revolt against traditional (RIAA) means of purchasing music. Until then they still have the power to make more money.

But maybe there is still hope for Trent Reznor with his new freedom, but he already has released a couple revolutionary records, is there room for more?