Obama Administration Gets Their Own Cloud Computing App Store

Illustration for article titled Obama Administration Gets Their Own Cloud Computing App Store

Vivek Kundra, the Obama Administration CIO, just opened up a new app store for federal agencies so that they can get up on these wacky, government-approved cloud computing programs. Looks like he's following through on his promises.


The app store will be managed by the General Services Administration, and in addition to business apps, will provide tools for storage, web hosting and social networking. Kundra hopes it will save both time, energy and money, while bringing the Government's IT infrastructure out of the dark ages. Somewhere a Vogon is shedding a tear.

Google Exec Sergey Brin was so excited that he drove over in his Tesla and promised to save a chunk of Google's cloud servers just for the government! Facebook, Vimeo, Microsoft, Adobe, and Salesforce.com are all providing services as well. Everyone wins! [Apps.Gov via White House via NY Times]


Government run App stores is socialism! Barry was born in Kenya and wants to kill us all in Death panels....

Man the Republicans have gone nuts.