Obama Kills Debt Ceiling Opposition's Boehner Online

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If you're embattled Barack, and you can't seem to get the kids together to agree on a meltdown-averting debt deal, what's the next best thing? Crashing your political opponent's website and phone lines. DDoS is officially in!

The (inadvertent) data-reaming occurred after Obama asked backers to voice their support for a Democratic debt solution. Call your representatives! That's the American way. Except when everyone does it at once, congressional servers crash: John Boehner, the fiscal Magneto to Obama's Prof. X (Hey, he was a professor), had his site go down for hours. But the destruction was bipartisan, All Things D reports:

Others down as of 8:30 am Pacific time were those of Elliot Engel, Democratic representative from New York; Sen. Jim DeMint, a Republican senator from South Carolina; and Rep. Michelle Bachmann, the Republican from Minnesota now running for president. (Bachmann's appears to be variously up and down, but slow to respond.)


Bachmann has a website! I bet it's full of flashing GIFs and Flash animations and embedded WAVs of 80s hits.[All Things D]

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I'd just like to point out that the Republicans seem to want to STOP the insane spending (which everyone does agree is a bit out of control, right?) without raising taxes (which no one wants to pay more of, right?) and without solving it short-term, only to have this same issue come back in the near-future (and no one wants that, right?).

So then why does it seem people are bashing republicans so often about this? The democrats are currently fear mongering - social security will go out regardless, that's not even on the table. So, don't go there, please.

Democrats proposed a plan, and $1 trillion in savings is from "winding down" the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, something they have little to no control over at this point. $400 billion is from lower interest payments because we won't be defaulting (that's not a "savings" at all! That's like saying "I just saved a billion dollars because I'm not going to spend a billion dollars next month."), and $100 billion in cutting government waste from programs like Fannie/Freddie, which you know will NOT happen.

The major difference is that Republicans want to raise the debt ceiling to get us over this hurdle, and revisit it shortly. The Democrats don't want to revisit it until after the election (because they know this will hurt them in the election - their solutions are to raise the debt ceiling, fudge numbers, and raise taxes).

I just had to get that out there, I've been reading way too much misinformation today (not that this article had any, but it does have a pretty clear bias).

Oh, and I'm not some diehard republican - I'm a libertarian. I vote for and support anyone who wants less government and more freedom. End of story.