Illustration for article titled OCZ Pushing Out a Line of Crafty, Power-Grubbing eSATA Thumb Drives

The external SATA standard is still a comparatively rare and inconsistent one, but OCZ has designed the Throttle, an eSATA flash drive with a clever compatibility trick up its slee—err, cap.


Challenged with a potential userbase made up of two effectively different standards—powered and unpowered eSATA—OCZ found a way to cater to everyone by tacking on an extra USB connector to power the stick when connected to older hardware, or to connect to computers without eSATA ports.

Aside from the nifty design, the OCZ will come in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacities and claims 90MB/s read speeds and 30MB/s write speeds, putting the Throttle head and shoulders above most USB 2.0 drives on the market. Now word yet on price or release date, but "not too high" and "soon" are reasonable expectations. [OCZ via HotHardware]

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