Illustration for article titled Seagates New GoFlex Turbo Keeps Your Data in a SafetyNet

The Seagate GoFlex portable hard drive has the amenities you'd expect for its price range. 500GB. USB 3.0. Support for FireWire and eSATA. But what makes it stand out is that it offers full data recovery right out of the box.


Seagate calls their Data Recovery Service SafetyNet. It works as the name promises; should something go horrible wrong with your data in the first two years you own it—viruses, clumsiness, Acts of God—Seagate will step in to save the day and your precious data. What sets this guy apart from the likes of the ioSafe Solo or the LaCie CloudBox is that you're not paying thousands of dollars for the service or uploading all your stuff to the cloud.


You'll still wanna be mindful, though. You only get one recovery in that first two years. Starts at $120. [Seagate]

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