Official BlackBerry Storm Documents Leaked

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The sneaksters over at Boy Genius Report have somehow gotten their hands on an official Powerpoint presentation of the soon-to-be-released BlackBerry Storm. This is evidently a Verizon property, since the wallpaper on all the Storms is their signature red V, but no mention of price or release date. Still, some good shots and a lot of info, including new stuff on media syncing, touch typing, and more, for those waiting for the touchscreen wonder. [BGR]



I wonder what goes through the minds of the decision makers when they decide to not include WIFI or a huge screen or enough internal memory to hold half of my music and podcasts.

I know what goes through the mind of Apple when they do the whole walled garden thing and all, greed. Mine mine mine... u stay away!

I know what goes through the mind of Verizon when they remove chunks of hardware and accessibility from the devices they will allow you to use, greed. Strip the device enough to make it real cheap, force people through our walled garden... "GetItNow!"

But, what is going through Blackberry PR when they are told, "Look the new device you have to sell! Arent you excited? It doesnt have wifi, it has a smaller screen than the iphone or g1, it has 'Assisted GPS', the browser probably sucks, no app store cuz we dont have a clue, and if people who use the iphone switch to this, they'll have to buy an ipod to supplement their listening habit space requirements. Woohoo! put all down on this hand baby!"

Poor bastards, and they have to do it with a smile if they want to feed their children.