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If you want to stream 1080p TV shows and movies from the Zune/video store this fall, your 360 needs to be hard wired to your router, or on an 802.11n network. Knowing this, Microsoft is readying an official 802.11n adapter.


We also just found out that the Zune HD will soon be able to wirelessly stream stored video to an Xbox 360. Problem is, the Zune HD only has 802.11b/g—notorious for spluttering HD content. While Microsoft's "Smooth Streaming" technology should be great for standard-def, I'm kinda skeptical about the HD side of things.

But anyway, an official 802.11n adapter for the 360? Sounds good to me. It's hit the FCC, and we'll let you know pricing/availability when Microsoft fills us in. [FCC]

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