OGO: The Breathing Water

The marketing of water continues, and now OGO tries to convince us that if we drink this special magical oxygen water, we'll get a burst of energy from all of the oxygen we've consumed. First, we're immediately suspicious of a product with a bottle this pretty. Next, get a load of this breathless marketspeak:

Every cell in your body needs oxygen. And the more oxygen you take in the healthier you feel. That's why there's so much of it in OGO. We squeeze up to 200mg of oxygen into every liter. That's 35 times more than you'll find in regular water. No wonder it's called "the breathing water".


Now wait. We're certain there are scientists in our reading audience who can help us out with this. Isn't this impossible? Oxygen is O2, and water is still H2O, right? If you swallow liquid oxygen, which we were under the impression must be at a very cold temperature to be a liquid, then do you digest the oxygen before it turns you into a human popsicle? Have the laws of physics been altered to create this magnificent product? Do tell.

Product Page [Ogolife, via popgadget]

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