Oh No, There's Going To Be More Of Those Horrifying Thomas The Tank Engine/DC Comics Mashup Toys

Earlier this year at San Diego Comic Con, Mattel and DC came together to share with the world a nightmarish vision: a set of Thomas the Tank Engine toy trains that were actually train versions of DC superheroes. We thought they were safely confined to convention exclusives, but you can’t keep monsters contained for too long.


The toys will be part of a huge new line celebrating Thomas the Tank Engine’s 70th anniversary, which will feature 70 train figures released by Mattel. 25 will feature classic characters from the show’s long history, and 45 variants—and then, for some reason, 8 more DC superhero trains.

New versions of the SDCC exclusives Batman, Cyborg, Superman, Harley Quinn and the Joker will be joined by Robin and the Riddler. They continue to look objectively horrifying, as the dead faces of the Tank Engine puppets attempt to cover themselves with the attributes of the DC heroes and villains, like they’re wearing another skin. *Shudders* these things really do give me the creeps.

The new toys are available soon, with the DC collection setting you back $20 for a set.


[Via Toy People]

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