Okay, Google's New Way to Sell a Phone Is a Failure: Nexus One Won't Be Sold Online Anymore

Illustration for article titled Okay, Googles New Way to Sell a Phone Is a Failure: Nexus One Wont Be Sold Online Anymore

We've been holding off on this, but now it seems there's no other way to put it: The new way Google tried to sell the Nexus One—over the web—failed. Google's killing the web store, and shifting to retail.


The web store has "remained a niche channel for early adopters," says head of Android Andy Rubin in a blog post. So it's going away eventually, in favor a traditional retail model:

From retail to viewing. Once we have increased the availability of Nexus One devices in stores, we'll stop selling handsets via the web store, and will instead use it as an online store window to showcase a variety of Android phones available globally.


We had inklings this was the case, given that Verizon and Sprint both ditched the Nexus One in favor of their own special Android handsets from HTC (the Incredible and the Evo, respectively), but this pretty much seals it.

Ah, well. Can't win 'em all. But I suspect they'll try again one day, in some fashion. Nothing ever truly dies at Google. [Google]

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They should have launched it with a Beta tag. That always seems to help.