OLED Mirrorwall Now Available From Philips—At $16,000 Per Square Meter

Illustration for article titled OLED Mirrorwall Now Available From Philips—At $16,000 Per Square Meter

Hey magpie-eyes, instead of saving up for a 3D TV why don't you cash in your prized teaspoon collection and spunk $16,000 down on a square meter of Philips' Mirrorwall, which uses dozens of OLED panels to reflect motion.


Some may say it's just a fancy mirror, and while they're kinda right, does your mirror have hundreds of OLED screens and a camera glued to it to detect motion and reflect it right back at you? No?

Philips is offering up the custom installation at €10k - 12k per square meter (around $13.5k - $16k) or will rent out the full Mirrrorwall for €10,000 a week, but you've got to fork out extra for the delivery, installation and insurance of the glorified vanity screen.

Check out the video below for the Mirrorwall in action, and if you still want it (and don't own a club, bar, or reputable excuse for owning one), then please seek help. [OLED-Info via TechRadar]



I always find it interesting that installations like these seem to turn even the most intelligent or serious among us into curious wonder-filled kids again.

"Swing around and wave your arms. Cool. Now jump up and down. Ha ha! Lookit me! I'm getting up real close to see what it does."