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OLPC's XO-1.5 to Boost Specs With Via Processor: You're Welcome, Africa

Illustration for article titled OLPCs XO-1.5 to Boost Specs With Via Processor: Youre Welcome, Africa

The hippies philanthropists at OLPC are overhauling the guts of their XO-1 with the aim of keeping the portable's battery life while increasing its capabilities.


The big news is the adoption of Via's C7-M chip, with clock speeds between 400MHz and 1GHz, that'll add new possibilities like HD decoding and surround sound. But that's not the end of the upgrades.

XO-1's memory should get a bump to 1GB, and its storage will get pushed to 4GB or even 8GB as an option. The upgrade, which is being referred to as the XO-1.5 rather than a totally new model, should start shipping in late August. [OLPC News]

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being able to use a laptop to look up youtube clips while getting shot at by warlords and dealign with famine sounds great.

dont africans have bigger problems than not having computers?