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Olympus E-P1 Is the Micro Four Thirds Camera We've Been Waiting For

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Micro Four Thirds lens standard has birthed some decent mini-DSLR-style cameras, but its true, unfulfilled potential lies with compact, Rangefinder-esque hardware. The E-P1, Olympus's modern take on its classic Pen SLR, is exactly what we had in mind.


All we've really got here are a few leaked photos—no specs, no price, no possible date of delivery—but what we can see, we really like. There's no front photo yet, but all signs point to a modern reimagining of the Pen F, which we outright demanded get the Micro Four Thirds treatment a few months ago. It's outfitted with a 17mm f2.8 prime lens, and looks to be about the size of a mid-to-large-sized point-and-shoot. Oh, and remember Olympus's expected June 15th announcement of a retro Micro Four Thirds camera, due for release in July? I've got a little tiny hunch that this might have something to do with it.


Photography blogs are buzzing with speculation about all facets of this (presumably) upcoming camera, but it's the concept, not the specific execution, that's exciting: we know Micro Four Thirds sensors can nearly match their APS-C counterparts in quality, and the the ever-expanding catalog of compatible glass ensures DSLR-like versatility for the emerging standard. Now, the format may well be getting its first body that people might actually want to buy. [1001NoisyCameras, 43Rumors via PocketLint]