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Olympus Hates Your Cellphone "Photography." And Your Little Dog, Too

Illustration for article titled Olympus Hates Your Cellphone Photography. And Your Little Dog, Too

Spotted in Australia, this anonymous ad directs people to And hey, would you look at that? It only goes and redirects to Olympus' Australian website! Very cute, Olympus. [Mark Matthews via Chase Jarvis via PetaPixel]


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What for? To a lot of people, the point of taking photos these days is to share online and then toss them into the pile on their hard drive. And for what they want them for, cellphone cameras are fast reaching the point of being "good enough". Which probably explains why Olypmus is worried.

Personally I like taking photos to upload, often print, sometimes onto canvas or to make calendars or photo books. So a "real" camera has big benefits to me. But a lot of cellphone cameras can capture an everyday moment just fine.

Can't blame them for trying though :)