Omron Accelerometered Toothbrush Knows Exactly What It's Brushing

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The Omron HT-B551 looks like any other electric toothbrush, but inside, it's got a tri-directional secret: an accelerometer. Hey, fancy-pants futurists! You didn't see this one coming, did you?

Omron's toothbrush uses its accelerometer to guess what exactly it's brushing against, whether it be soft tissue, big flat incisors, or scummy molars, and adjusts its vibrations accordingly. Also included is a standard set of features to encourage proper dental hygiene, like LED brush timers and instructive grip dents and contours for a variety of hands shapes, strengths and sizes. It's a Japan-only product for now, and probably forever, since I don't imagine there's huge market for $200+ toothbrushes anywhere else, anyway. [Tech-On]