One Man Recreated The Blizzcon Warcraft Trailer With Gorgeous Art

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Last November, Blizzcon attendees were treated to a very special surprise - a trailer for Duncan Jones' Warcraft movie, that no one but them got to see. Harumph. Good job artist Yanmo Zhang was there though, because he decided to recreate the whole thing shot for shot with some incredible art.

Zhang, who was invited to Blizzcon by Blizzard having contributed several pieces of art for promotional materials, saw the trailer at the convention, and then decided to recreate it when he returned to China in a series of 'memory paintings' that are not just a cool way for us to have a snippet of what Jones showed off, but to have a look at some absolutely gorgeous art.

There's a lot of Warcraft goodness in there - shots of Stormwind City, the magical city of Dalaran flying among the clouds, the creation of the Dark Portal, and Durotan of the Frostwolves - but even if you're not familiar with the setting, these 'rough' drawings from Zhang are still some beautiful pieces of fantasy art. Check out his full breakdown in this imgur gallery:


Want to know a little more about the Warcraft movie? I wrote a quick guide to the characters that will be in the movie that you can check out here.

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So I guess they are rewriting it to make the Orcs more sympathetic.