Only Soccer Stars Can Protect Us From Aliens In This Short Film

Wow. I never knew how much I owe my safety to soccer all-stars. But if this prophetic video is to be believed, it's the ability to hit precision shots and dribble a ball that will save the world from alien invaders. Also, apparently, the Samsung Galaxy 11 will be important — hey, wait a minute! This isn't about aliens at all. It's about a stupid phone!

To be fair, this is one hell of a marketing effort. Samsung has been working on this for a while now, starting with this video from last December. In the time since, short videos have been dropping week after week, introducing the team of athletes that will compete against invaders from another world in a a life-or-death game of soccer.

As for why it's on an animation blog — have you seen that CGI? It's gorgeous. This blows most TV CGI out of the water. Granted, it's easier to spend more money on a few short videos instead of multiple seasons, but still. Psyop (the people who teamed up with Samsung for this campaign) does a hell of a job, and director Laurent Ledru might actually get you invested in this ridiculous story.


If you'd like more details, there's some over at AWN, detailing the production process and all that. I'm more interested in who the aliens will be starting.

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