Onyx Equinox's New Trailer Is an Absolute Bloodbath

Two of Onyx Equinox’s villains plotting to plunge the Earth into chaos.
Two of Onyx Equinox’s villains plotting to plunge the Earth into chaos.
Image: Crunchyroll

In Crunchyroll’s upcoming anime-inspired series Onyx Equinox, a young boy named Izel sets out with an unexpected group of friends on an adventure to save the world from the gods—who take pleasure in the idea of toying with humanity just for shits and giggles. As the chosen one, Izel has both fate and magic on his side and he and his friends clash with creatures from the underworld, and a key element of Izel’s connection to magic is the blood flowing through his veins.


In Onyx Equinox’s latest trailer, you’re introduced once again to the show’s heroes and villains who’ll cross paths as they both seek to take control of the five different portals to the Underworld, but here, the trailer puts a particular emphasis on just how greusome the series is going to be. Beyond Izel unleashing his magical blade’s inner power by spilling his own blood, the trailer highlights the violent, chaotic nature of Onyx Equinox’s battles and makes clear that while the show may center a bunch of kids fighting the save the world, it’s definitely not what one might consider a “kids show.”

Onyx Equinox premieres on Crunchyroll on November 21.

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Something feels really off about this to me. Hard to describe.

It’s the missing frames, it’s the blood looking like plasticky molasses, it’s the inconsistent models.

It feels... like an HD remaster of a late 90's, early 2000's animation that was aiming above its budget.