God of War Ragnarök - State of Play Sep 2022 Story Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Enter God of War 2018, which took Kratos to Norway during the time of the Norse gods. With a one-shot camera trick and Kratos’ young son Atreus as the game’s big hooks, the soft reboot brought new life to the franchise. Across both the PS4 and PC releases, it received critical and commercial acclaim and became one of the strongest examples of PlayStation’s obsession with blockbuster triple-A titles. (Or, as it may also be known: the Dad Game.)


Across the Greek and Norse eras, Kratos has had some grand, truly cinematic events, whether it was through gameplay or cutscenes. My favorite moments aren’t original, but I still love them: Kratos receiving the Blades of Chaos in the reboot remains extremely Good as a mix of characterization and gameplay, and the fight against Poseidon that kicks off God of War III may be one of my favorite openings to a game, ever. For this week’s Open Channel, we want to know some of your favorite moments from across the franchise’s history. And if you’ve heard about what happens in Ragnarok, don’t be a dick and spoil what happens.

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