Open Channel: What Are You Hoping For From Star Trek: Discovery?

Image: CBS
Image: CBS

Tonight’s the night: for the first time since 2001, a new Star Trek series is going to premiere on television. With the first episode airing on CBS, and the first two episodes going live on CBS’s All Access streaming service, Star Trek: Discovery is poised to enter the world.


In the past weeks, we’ve had a lot to say. Unsurprisingly, io9 has strong feelings about Star Trek. It’s a series that reflects our website’s utopian interests, our dual desires to see growth in imaginative worlds and human progress, and our deep affection for the good that speculative fiction has done in the real world. Whether Discovery is good or bad, it’s going to mean a lot to us.

Personally, I’m somewhat on the borderline here, in terms of my interest. I am a distant admirer of Star Trek, but I’ve never been really fundamentally gripped by it. If Discovery works, it’ll be an opportunity for me to engage the series with fresh eyes, for the first time as a grown woman (I kinda checked out on the Abrams movies, haven’t seen any past the first). If that happens, maybe I’ll share my journey here on the weekends with y’all.

But, here’s the important question: how do you feel? While the show had some issues in production, there’s some positive early buzz out there. ? I’d love to hear y’all sound off in comments based on the info we have so far, and let me know whether you’ll be tuning in tonight. I’m also interested in how that decision is affected by CBS’s decision to push the new Trek—a release that has, by its very nature, the chance to be a big cultural event—to a subscription service. Is that a frontier journeyed too far?

Let us know, and feel free to visit this thread with your thoughts after the show airs tonight. Though, please, no spoilers. We’ll have full coverage up tomorrow. Save those thoughts for then.

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The Left Hand of the Son of Coul

I hope it doesn’t take from the worst parts of GoT. (shock value moments that don’t do anything to serve the plot, writing backwards from major events instead of toward them)

The world needs Star Trek, and the values it promotes, now more than ever.