"Open Source" Car to be Huge on Digg

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The c,mm,n (pronounced "common") is apparently the world's first open source car. It's a crazy-looking hydrogen-powered vehicle, but I guess since it's open source that means you can change it to run on anything you want, as the plans are included.


I'll be honest, I can see an "open source" car being successful in terms of the onboard computer and the types of applications it can run, but are there really enough people who know how to work with engines to that degree to make this more than a pet project for serious green auto geeks? I guess we'll see, but in any case it's cool to see the open source movement getting outside and getting some fresh air for once.

The open source car, known as the c,mm,n is powered by hydrogen [AutoblogGreen]

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@Laura: An "open source" car should be fine, in theory, but in order to sell it as a car in the US they'd have to be tested for highway safety first, and meet a bunch of national regulations.

As far as modifying it once you own it, each state has different requirements in order for a car to be considered "street legal", but as long as you meet them you're fine. Most of them are common sense, like having mirrors, headlights, seatbelts, but others relate more towards structural integrity or emissions.

In regards to your kit car, you might want to check with a local mechanic, or even the local DMV, and see if you can get information on the regulations in your state.