Opera Mini 4.2 Now Available for Sprint Instinct

Illustration for article titled Opera Mini 4.2 Now Available for Sprint Instinct

We played with Opera Mini 4.2 on Android yesterday, but it's got one other new platform up its sleeve: the Sprint Instinct. Opera is something we've been waiting for ever since the Instinct's browser totally blew on an otherwise great feature phone (though it's gotten better with the recent 1.1 update). Opera Mini should add some spring in its web-surfing step, since it's reading optimized pages that have been crunched Opera's servers and spat back to your phone. You'll need to sideload it, but if you've got the Instinct, you should give Opera a test drive. [Opera]


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You know if I did not have to pay the stupid cancellation fees for Sprint, I would have the Instinct. I have 3 phones on one account and to cancel I would have to pay $600 for all 3 lines($200 per line). The new prorating is only for new accounts and I have been with Sprint for like a year.