Opera Takes On iPhone With Mini 4 Beta Browser

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There are many reasons that you could call the Opera Mini 4 Beta an assault on the iPhone's Safari browser. New features include:

• Overview mode empowers people to browse their favorite websites
• Zooms in and cleanly focuses on the content you want (as seen in Opera's Wii browser)
• Dynamically changes size of text and images, to read without a lot of scrolling
• A virtual mouse to make it easy to scroll in any direction


Another reason is the cute but dorky video that totally rips on the iPhone for being expensive and, I guess, in all other ways quite similar to Opera's little wunderbrowser. Hey, are they even using the same New York Times page in their promo image above?

Product Page [Opera]



I just checked it out on my Samsung Sync and have to say there's some things I like but mostly I prefer the old one.

Sure, I can see the whole webpage, but can't read anything at all. The little cursor thing is interesting, but I prefer the old way of using the left and right nav buttons to skip up or down a page.

Although it is kinda nice to see actual webpages (once zoomed in). Unfortunately, I'm still hampered by the awkwardness of dealing with the Sync interface itself (tiny screen, nav keys and softkeys, etc)

Not sure how anybody would think that this is any sort of answer to the iPhone, though. There's not any comparison whatsover.

As for their little video... interesting but kinda dumb. I mean, at least they should have had the Opera Mini guy vs a Safari guy, not an iPhone guy. Opera Mini is in no way a competitor to the iPhone.