Oregon Scientific's Crystal Weather Station Gives You 3D Forecasts

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The guys at Oregon Scientific are known for their funky clocks, and now they're kicking things up a notch with their new Crystal Weather Station, the first clock that can display the forecast in 3D.


Sitting on top of the panther-black clock is a crystal block with three laser-engraved icons—the sun, clouds and rain. Depending on the day's weather, one of them will be illuminated. Chances are you don't need to know the weather in 3D, but if you're looking for an attention grabber, this unit will do. No word on pricing yet.

Product Page [via Gadget Lab]

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It would be fun to work for Oregon Scientific. 'Hey, I have a great idea for a clock - how about we put a big chunk of crystal on the top, engrave some crap in it, and then shine a crazy light into it — that'd be cool.' And then, they make it. Sounds like a fun place to work to me.