OS X Running on a Sony Vaio P?

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If this somewhat dubious photo is to be believed, a Pocketables.net forum poster has successfully booted OS X on a Vaio P. He claims that much of the hardware doesn't work yet, though.


As you know from our Dell Mini 9 Hackintosh guide, hardware support is everything-a netbook running OS X with no networking, sound or graphics at the native resolution is certainly no fun, which is why the Mini 9 is one of the best netbooks for Hackintoshing.


My first question with this photo is-where is the task menu bar? (thank you commenters for helping avert this horrible disaster this morning!) And why not release more detailed information on the process, Mr. DaHarder? Anyway, if this eventually pans out, the Vaio P would be a fun OS X machine. Fingers crossed. {Pocketables via BBG]

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Jörg Hippo Thomsen

Why are you guys so keen on running OS X?

From my point of view it is even more crappy than XP or Vista in many respects... It just does too many things on it's own, like all Apple ware...