Long week, huh? Probably because of all the Halloween hoopla, which seems to have started last weekend and probably won't let up til Sunday. If you're a grown-ass adult sick of all this pumpkin pandemonium, check out these apps while you pointedly opt out of yet another dumb Halloween party. Ya big grump.

Multi-Platform Updates



Chromecast capability is a nice little addition to Pandora's iPhone and Android phone/tablet app. No iPad support just yet, but if the Android version's tablet-optimized UI is any indicator, it'll look pretty nice. [Android] [iOS]

Virgin Media SmartCall


Somewhere between Skype and MagicJack, this app lets folks with Virgin's unlimited home phone plan charge cellphone calls to the home account. Anywhere in the world your mobile phone gets WiFi, you can dial a regular phone number and be charged as if you were calling from home. Handy for travelers, Pay-As-You-Go-ers, and calling your dear Uncle Bud who doesn't have Skype. [Android] [iOS]




A to-do list is useless if it isn't organized. MyEffectivenessHabits plots your tasks in four categories along two axes: Urgent/Not Urgent, and Important/Not Important. Dwight Eisenhower invented this method — imagine all the things he could've accomplished with a smartphone. [Free, H/T Lifehacker]



This mind-boggling augmented reality game turns the real world into an MMORPG where you search for clues, claim landmarks and collaborate with players in the real and virtual worlds. It's been wildly popular but invite-only, but the newest update drops the invite requirement. [Free]



Bang With Friends is back, with a more coquettish name and lots more options. The I'm-into-it-if-you're-into-it app lets you pick which Facebook friends you'd totally get friendly with, and messages both parties if a match is made. This week's update adds friends-of-friends browsing, and a "Get Date" option if you're old-fashioned about app-assisted booty calls. There's no iOS version yet, which probably sounds like a bonus feature to some of you wackos. [Free]




This productivity and organization app puts your to-dos in a framework for success. Organizing tasks by importance and urgency, and slotting tasks into the right-sized gaps in your calendar, Gneo filters your obligations into notebooks (work, play, home, hobbies), syncs with Evernote, and pops up reminders so nothing gets lost in the shuffle. [$3]

Google Fiber


If you're lucky enough to get your TV via Google Fiber, the newly-launched iOS app lets you watch on-demand content, browse live broadcasts, and set your DVR on the fly. You can also organize your DVR collection from your phone, making this perhaps the world's friendliest remote. [Free]

Fantastical 2


This familiar calendar helper just got a whole new iOS7 revamp, and wow does it look slick. Event reminders and maps make sure you never forget when and where you're supposed to be, and dictating an event automatically puts it in your calendar. Auto-syncing with all your Fantastical devices makes sure you're up to speed no matter which glowing rectangle you're holding. [$3]

Windows Phone



Know the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words"? Sure, it's cool as a metaphor. But actual, talking photos are even cooler! Foundbite grabs a sound clip along with your photos for a multisensory, immersive way to capture a moment, with a social sharing side that lets you explore other Foundbiter experiences across the globe. [Free]

Digitally Imported


If you like Pandora, but wish it was strictly electronica, this app is the answer to your sweaty, 120bpm prayers. A streaming feast of electronic music, it offers you over 60 channels curated by expert DJs, with moods ranging frome House to Trance to Lounge to Ambient. [Free]



Trying out different styles of facial hair is great, but it takes weeks. And if you screw up trimming that handlebar, you'll be walking around with a botched masterpiece on your face. Skip the pitfalls with #MoWithLove, which lets you superimpose a 'stache on any selfie. And yes, I am going to wash out my own mouth with soap after having typed that. Ugh. [Free]