Our Giant Guide To Fall's Must-See Science Fiction And Fantasy TV

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Zombies, bloody face monsters, aliens, and swashbuckling anti-electricity villains — this fall TV has it all. Here's the chronological list of the genre television shows you cannot miss this fall, including trailers for the new seasons of Walking Dead and Once Upon A Time, and clips from new series like Revolution.


Currently Airing

The fairy tale murderer is back, and no longer an orphan! Watch the many CG faces of fairy tale monsters attack Nick and his magical trailer. Hopefully this year we will grow to understand the 7 fairy tale kindgoms, or maybe we'll get a Unicorn.
Where: NBC
When: Mondays (but will be moved to Friday nights after the 5th episode)


Doctor Who
So sorry we deleted this very important show! The Doctor, Rory, Amy and DINOSAURS ON A SPACESHIP. WE can not wait to see what will happen (and who will inevitably die and come back and die again) in these brand new episodes of Doctor Who. Geronimo!
Where: BBC
When: September 1 (possibly nothing is confirmed yet, bowties crossed!)

The talent attached to this two-night TV movie is ridiculous. Geena Davis, James Woods, Richard Dreyfus, and Ellen Burstyn all play a part in Ridley Scott's horrifying medical conspiracy theory movie, Coma. The mysterious Jefferson Institute claim they're taking in coma patients when their funds run out, but slowly a crop of young doctors realize there's a more nefarious plan in action.
Where: A&E
When: Monday and Tuesday, September 3 and 4

Dragons: Riders of Berk
We've already seen a preview of the animated extension from the movie How To Train Your Dragon, but the official series starts in a few more weeks. And don't worry there's plenty of adorable dragon to go around.
Where: Cartoon Network
When: Tuesday, September 4

Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken will launch its sixth season with a DC Comics special, so get ready for Green Lantern and his new glowing cock ring, plus more gags about how Aquaman sucks.
Where: Adult Swim
When: Sunday, September 9

Eric Kripke and J.J. Abrams show us what happens when the lights go out. Like all of the lights, even the ones with batteries! At some point, Giancarlo Esposito probably fights the Mustache Dad from Twilight with a fucking sword. That's a win, even if the show ends up imploding into itself second season, Abrams style.
Where: NBC
When: Monday, September 17

The Neighbors
A sassy family moves next door to a family of aliens. They don't immediately shoot all of them in the face, nor do they alert the government that scaly green people with supremely advanced technology are cloaking themselves in human skin and leaving pies in their driveway.
Where: ABC
When: Wednesday, September 26

Last Resort
The United States has an island standoff when one of their own submarine crews goes rogue after refusing to fire on their own. Now they're armed with a nuclear warhead and taking refuge in a beautiful island. Who will crack first?
Where: ABC
When: Thursday, September 27

The very final season of Fringe. Encased in amber, the team has been asleep for 20 years and released to fight off Earth's totalitarian government ruled by The Observers. It's a fight to save the world, and it looks absolutely amazing. It's going to be hard to say goodbye to these guys, but we're happy Olivia, Walter, Peter and Astrid are going out in style.
Where: Fox
When: Friday, September 28

Person of Interest
Who was on the other end of the phone with Reese? Where is Finch? What is happening? Can't wait to find out, thanks to the collection of cameras placed throughout the world of POI.
Where: CBS
When: Thursday, September 27

Once Upon a Time
The second season of Once unleashed a whole boatload of magic into the real world. No idea how this will effect Pongo, but I'm sure it will be monumental. In other news, characters such as Captain Hook, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Aladdin, and Ariel are all rumored to be joining the town of Storybrooke. Plus, the identity of Henry's father will be revealed in this season. Fingers crossed it's Bambi's Dad.
Where: ABC
When: Sunday, September 30

666 Park Avenue
A young, good-looking couple gets a very good deal on an apartment in New York City. Too bad for them the apartment feeds off of attractive people's souls or something. Vanessa Williams and Terry O'Quinn star as the head of this evil hotel, which should have been the first giveaway to the new couple. Anything with O'Quinn in it has got to be evil.
Where: ABC
When: Sunday, September 30

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja
An adorable little ninja vs. monster series starring Jim Rash, Tim Curry, Megan Mullally, and John Oliver. Get ready to start saying things like "That's the Cheese!"
Where: Disney XD[
When: Sometime in September

Clone Wars
The Sith brothers are back and screaming all sorts of insanity. We can't wait for Darth Maul and his equally horned brother to kill all the Jedis, or at the very least slice up Jon Favreau's character.
Where: Cartoon Network
When: The first episode of the new season, "Revival," is set to debut on August 24, 2012 at Celebration VI. But it won't air on television until mid-September.


Dean and Castiel are trapped in Purgatory, surrounded by monsters that spend eternity ripping each other to shreds. Should be fun!
Where: CW
When: Wednesday, October 3

Spoiled rich kid Oliver Queen is stranded on a desert island. But instead of giving up, the multimillionaire becomes a sexy, scarred archer with the ability to survive on his own. Eventually Queen is rescued and returns home a changed man, vowing to clean up the streets as the vigilante Green Arrow. (But he still maintain his sexy, scarred richness in public.)
Where: CW
When: Wednesday, October 10

The Vampire Diaries
Elena is a vampire, and girl is PISSED about it. What are the chances she will sun-suicide herself in the first episode?
Where: CW
When: Thursday, October 11

Beauty and the Beast
Belle morphs from bookish babe to gun-slinging cop. Once saved by the transforming Beast, Kristin Kreuk is no longer the victim, but a lawmaker. As the years go by, she uncovers her mysterious savior from many years ago, and surprise, surprise! He's a total network-mandated hottie.
Where: CW
When: Thursday, October 11

The Walking Dead
Finally, we've made it to the prison! This is where shit gets real, people! Plus, Merle is back, Michonne has joined the gang with her sword of walker-slicing justice, and the Governor is here. Get in that dirty old prison, Carl!
Where: AMC
When: Sunday, October 14

Community returns — minus the show's creator, Dan Harmon — for a final farewell. The fourth season will conclude our time at Greendale, but the cast did promise to expand the world of Inspector Spacetime in the upcoming months, and that is a very Blorgon thing.
Where: NBC
When: Friday, October 19


The exceptionally flexible spy learns she's not alone, kicks a lot of ass while doing so. You know more of the same, but in different outfits!
Where: CW
When: Friday, October 19

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American Horror Story: Asylum
The horror series is returning with a lot of the same actors, but none of them are playing the same character. Confused? So are we. Set in a 1960s asylum, the lead singer of Maroon 5 joins up with Jessica Lange, who runs the crazy palace. That's all we know. Oh, and there are no ghosts, just someone named "bloody face."
Where: FX
When: Sometime in October

Tron Uprising
The programs are out for revenge! After being betrayed by Dyson and scarred forever, Tron is PISSED. And the remaining members of the revolution are losing ground in the battle against Clu.
Where: Disney XD
When: Sometime in October (not announced yet)




Any word on Continuum being renewed?