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Our Google I/O 2014 Liveblog Starts Right Now

Illustration for article titled Our Google I/O 2014 Liveblog Starts Right Now

Today, Google will kick off its annual I/O developer's conference, likely replete with goodies like Android Wear, Glass for the everyman, and maybe some updates on that modular phone and those self-driving cars. We'll be there covering it all for you live.


While we're not expecting anything quite as dramatic as the Great Glass Skydiving Incident of 2012, Google's certainly got no shortage of sci-fi projects to talk about. Join us right here at noon ET/9am PT for all the I/O latest and greatest. Updates will happen below; no need to refresh the page.

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Brent Rose

When you open the multitasking tab in Android now, there will be a card for each of your open tabs, too. Will be interesting to see if things get super cluttered (I have a lot of open tabs pretty much always), but it might be a handy shortcut to get to the info you wanted.