Our Google Nexus Liveblog Is Here

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Welcome to our Google Nexus liveblog, where we’ll be feeding you all kinds of Google goodies from new Nexus Android phones to maybe a Chromecast or two. And hey! There might even be some sort of tablet!


This is also Google’s last chance to showcase Marshmallow, Android’s upcoming six dot zero release, before seeding the new OS to Nexus device, and then the rest world. We’ll be live, in person at the event and also blogging furiously from our home base in NYC.

Google’s livestream is also live on YouTube if you want to follow along:

Let’s have some fun, friends.


BIMming It

WOW!!! I was not expecting the 6 to be starting at $499... only $70 more than the 5x for the same storage size. Now I have to re-think if a 6” phone is something I’d be willing to try. The extra’s seem well worth it.