Last week, Rupert Murdoch finally admitted to the obvious phone-hacking cover-up at his now shut-down tabloid News of the World—not that anyone had any doubts about it before his confession. And just this morning, a report was released by a UK Parliamentary panel declaring the media mogul unfit to lead his own empire. My, how the mighty have fallen.

Right now seems like a perfect time to revisit Outfoxed, the 2004 documentary about Murdoch's Fox News cable channel and its so-called "race to the bottom" in television news. Yes, this is a distinctly left-leaning look at the news channel and the man who made it, but among the individuals interviewed in the film are many former Fox contributors, reporters, bookers and writers—all of whom cop to the obvious agenda-pushing that is Fox's modus operandi.


Regardless your preferred news network, Outfoxed should be considered essential viewing this week—if only to (re)acquaint yourself with the man who has gone from making news to being the news itself. [Netflix]

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