Outrage Is a Violent and Blood-Fueled Mob Epic

Thanks to years of violence being shoved down our throats by pop culture and the media, many of us have very strong stomachs—we tend to become very desensitized. Very few filmmakers are capable of pulling off a tastefully violent film. A film with violence that actually shocks you. Cinematic Japanese legend Takeshi Kitano is one of those few filmmakers and Outrage is as good as it gets.


Nothing makes for a more compelling story than the honor and tradition of the Japanese Yakuza. Outrage encompasses all of it. Two feuding syndicates battle it out between honor and violence to keep the balance of power, while the local law enforcement does everything it can to take them all down. Takeshi Kitano not only directs the film masterfully, but delivers his always-ever incredible performance as the lead actor.

It uses clean and well-staged linear perspective style camerawork with a desaturated grey tone palette reminiscent of Mad Men showcase the beautiful Kanto region of Japan. Cinematographer Katsumi Yanagijima shot it on 35mm film and has worked with Takeshi Kitano on most of his previous work.

Outrage is a great Japanese substitute for any horribly violent and poorly made Tarantino movie you feel like watching tonight. And if it's not something you're interested in there's plenty else to watch. [Netflix]


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Have a double feature and watch Sonatine afterwards. It is Kitano's masterpiece and the single greatest expression of nihilism on film.